Technical experience used only to enhance business value !

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All our decisions, actions are driven by reason

We love to create software with simplicity and elegance. We'll deliver only what is adding value. Only if you intend to add sensitive integrations we will suggest to build unit tests to ensure functionality. Only if you plan to continuously add features we will propose to create automated functional tests that verify critical scenarios.

Augment Magento

Add new features to your stores. Customize existing functionality. Remove annoyances for your customers and your teams.

Enhance Performance

Implement best practices for speeding your site. Identify and correct problems in your infrastructure and code.

Software Audits

Not all developers and extensions were created equal. Just get a second opinion from an expert.

Some of Our Latest Work

I've provided meaningful contributions for projects developed by top agencies that Magento considered worthy to be mentioned on their customer showcase.

Recurring Orders and Subscriptions

Magento Debug Toolbar

Leading Brands

Do you Like What You See?

If you are interested to hire us or if you have any questions you can simply reach us via email ( or Twitter or we might know each other over a short Skype call.